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Unibond Click & Fix

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The super easy mounting glue applicator.

Click & Fix is a pre-dosed glue applicator for nearly all mounting jobs at home.  Indoor and outdoor. Easy, fast and strong! Thanks to Click & Fix, DIY becomes fun!

1. Prepare the surface: it must be clean and dry with no dust, grease or oil.

2. Apply the glue dot: first remove the cap and aluminium foil, then press firmly the device against the object or wall. Spread the dots evenly on the area to be bonded.

3. Fix your item, adjustable for a few minutes and your are done!

In case the object does not hold instantly, add more dot along the surface to be bonded and press firmly against the wall. Heavy items may require temporary support until the adhesive is cured.
With UniBond Click & Fix do nearly all your mounting jobs by yourself!

It is super easy to apply, pre-dosed, ready to use and working under all conditions.
*All materials except PE, PP, PTFE, acrylic glass, copper, brass, plasticized PVC and wallpaper.

UniBond Click & Fix comes with up to 20 dots* for up to 20 applications - perfect for small projects!

It can be used on brick, ceramic, wood, hardboard, plasterboard, stone, concrete, metal, glass, tile... and so much more!

*Average delivery per dot is 1.5g allowing for approx. 20 dots.

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